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Jordan Maxwell - Alex Jones Interview 06-23-08

Jordan Maxwell on The Alex Jones Show. Recorded on June 23rd, 2008.

The Earth is hollow and innerworlders are running the show. No one really wants to know that. It is pretty easy to know. Most of us are hiearchally forced to believe differently or the Earth is solid. No one looks, but only believe 'experts'. You don't have to be an expert to believe an expert. It's a 3D puzzle that is only moderately challenging. The good news is that all the drilling might have a positive intent of saving civilization.As a small child, i learned that adults were obsessed with their sense of bias toward personal importance. Yeah they always act like they are going to murder you for nothing and then never do, because they are scared of getting their own sorry butts in their own kind fo BS. Post WWII was a horrible time for children. They were all like: "killing others is wonderful and freedom related". Yay! "Now say the pledge of allegiance or be dragged out and put to death!" Or that was my experience.There are two states of congnizance one is for figuring it out and the other is for making it happen. Making it happen cognizance is all about getting some cash or prizes for it. High cognizance people are generally not recognized for that. People are normally recognized for their basic scamming nature. We got good scamming where the scammers wear suits, and we got bad scammers where they wear suits. The common factor is suits = scammers or cognizant enough to scam.There's lots of symbol. Personally i was a good deal more concerned with people and power and being super assholes when operating. All i can say is that if i were Jesus, i could also see that i was not welcome here amongst the high and the mighty who lie or kill for a paycheck. My own parents made me "not want to live" because the only thing they liked was stupid belonging, believing, and force feeding hiearchal tendencies. People get caught up in the bias of anger, and then mess up bad.Power requires hiearchy and "punishment by injury or death" It is kind of like organized bullying with the general acceptance of the group. In hierarchy the most lying disgusting fucker who aint to homely usually wins. Here is a parting of reality: You can figure out that planets are hollow, but you have to believe a hiearch to believe it's solid. Which one seems the best way to go? The one with the expert and blah blah or the one where you set your mind to it? There's different ways to go in life. If one doesn't like power games, then they have all the rest of it to look at. Successful people learn to "bias bond" (side up) and "play" for prizes. One can dumb-it-down and be more successful. People or outerworlders can be "conceptually blocked" by normalcy and authority. There is "heat capture", but even very bright people don't see it or want to become involved.. It is a can of worms that would alter the status quo. Better we all die first.Hollow planet would immediatly imply a good deal more than simply hollow. It would imply a place to live. It would imply that believing and knowing are clearly at odds in this case. We don't deal with that, because we are too busy belonging, conforming, playing, and being popular. Gaming understanding and 3D understanding are radically different or maybe even "opposing in nature". For instance Gamers killed a thinker when Jesus was crucified. Nature plays out.

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Jordan Maxwell - Jeff Rense Interview 05-24-10

Jordan Maxwell on The Jeff Rense Show. Recorded on May 24th, 2010.

Jordan Maxwell - By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them

Jordan Maxwell Rant - By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them Excerpt from the radio show "The Crimson Pill" aired on june 5, 2011.Jordan tells it like it is on the western civilization. The sad thing is that he is right.

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Jordan Maxwell - Jeff Rense Interview 02-18-10

Jordan Maxwell on The Rense Show. Recorded on February 18th, 2010
There's a certain natural order to things. I'm not sure what to say.. i don't seem to fit in here. Just now it looks like outer world people have been bred to overburn and then maybe die. There is a good deal that seems to be conceptually blocked.  I personally would put the brakes on and try to live sanely (The structuring seem all wrong) Enough with the suits and death as a biz. i think it's wierder than he does.All planets are hollow... including Earth. How's that? There is a good method to use Energy. It is banished from common knowledge. We live our lives around this madness. C'mon Jesus we need some smarts.

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Jordan Maxwell - Ancient Belief Systems

Jordan Maxwell - Ancient Belief Systems Produced for the International Research and Education Society. Recorded in 1992.

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June 5, 2011 interview on THE CRIMSON PILL with JORDAN MAXWELL

Internationally acclaimed researcher, author and lecturer Jordan Maxwell joins host Antonin Feori to discuss occult symbolism and how the world around is so very much different than most people realize. Time to Wake Up America!

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Jordan Maxwell - Jeff Rense Interview 06-21-10

Jordan Maxwell on The Jeff Rense Show. Recorded on June 21st, 2010.

Here is an important operational kind of thing. What if: Everytime You went someplace you were forced to use far more fuel than needed supplied by a single source who is affilitated with the maker who makes the engine. That's what we have, or ; "forced bad usage". Force bad usage of a method, is similar to forced bad usage of information. We do it everyday all the time and are forced to do it and become accustomed to it, it would alter your daily activites both physical and mental. Change!All beings are equal, the earth is for all to share equally. when you personally take more than you need or claim an area of land and are not using it for the betterment of others or to support you and your family's life .. it is glutinous and greedy and this world is in the state that it is in because people have been taught this is mine ,that is mine WRONG none of it is anybody's, everything you own comes from the earth ,is powered by the earth, sun , water . and one day will go back to it .

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Jordan Maxwell - On Religion and Politics

Rita Dyson and Ralph Walker interview Jordan Maxwell in three separate interviews. Recorded in 1998.

There is a real thing that can be done based on the idea that it would work well. It is "heat capture tech" also could be known as "maximized usage technology". The good news is that it is about freely using energy well instead of being forced to use energy poorly from a specific source. It's been wrong for so long we don't recognize it. Somehow we have to start seeing there's this solution looming behind a brick wall of standarized usage.

Jordan Maxwell - Jeff Rense Interview 09-20-10

Jordan Maxwell on The Jeff Rense Show. Recorded on September 20th, 2010.