Friday, April 15, 2011

Jordan Maxwell - Egypt in the New Millennium

Jordan Maxwell talks about Egypt as the foundation for western religion, the Pyramids, and government structures of the world based on the ancient Egyptian system. Also discussed are: Hollywood, the use of words, a general expose on the dark side of world affairs.'They know they need to destroy the old system of NWO to bring in the new system>( ORDER out of CHAOS) They need to do this They will do this by collapsing governments.So the New Age movement can bring all religions and governments together.There is a war for your soul,these challenges are designed that way for a reason, I'm suprised Jordan doesn't know this. Yes, there is evil out there,yes people are trying to manipulate you,but it's humanity's job to take control of themselves and realize your freedom comes from within.Once you open up with the help of Jordan and people like him,