Monday, November 28, 2011

Jordan Maxwell - Reptilian Lecture - 11/11/11 Event

This is the first of 2 lectures Jordan Maxwell gave at his 11/11/11 event Jordan Maxwell officially declares that reptilians stands behind the New World Government, ' the second arrival of the Christ ' or ' the AntiChrist ', 2012 and all the rest.The people from the royal family , the bankers , some politicians and other of positions of power ar reptilian aliens. You hear them talking about amongst themselves all the time, all pink and see through. And why else would they go around looting and plundering normal human beings lands resources oil and lives? To fix their spaceship so as to able go home like E.T. Their lack of morals, reasoning and intelligence proves that. There's just no arguing with little buggers

"The priests of the mysteries were symbolized as a serpent, sometimes called Hydra...The Serpent kings reigned over the earth. It was these Serpent kings who founded the mystery schools [today's secret society network] which later appeared as the Egyptian and Brahmin mysteries...The serpent was their symbol...They were the true Sons of light, and from them have descended a long line of adepts and initiates" -- Manly P. Hall, 33rd degree Mason ..Icke and Maxwell are 100% spot on

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Governor of the New World Order

Jordan Maxwell and Sheikh_Imran_Hosein on the Governor of the New World Order government, religion, and the truth about the Law.This man is dropping truth it's all good - everything works toward Truth - Truth can withstand all lies - What is True is always True - Truth needs no defense - Lies have no effect on Truth - People will always believe whatever they want to believe - Truth isn't learned it's recognized - You accept or deny what is already true w/ every thought you have - You experience the result of your decision - What is True is True for everybody all the time - that's how you know it's True - Enjoy the ride - Peace

Saturday, November 12, 2011


300 years before jesus there was a man that died 300 miles of where jesus was born his name was simon he supposedly did everything that jesus did and they called him simon the christ this is in the vatican archives they have 20 miles of records that are still hidden they dont want anyone to see them except the custodes some in 200 years of cleaning were reading and leaked them out Some Americans believe Tom Cruise is the last Samuri!!!! What America is doing is almost like nazi germany. you invade every countries air space, just check out tr-b3 it has been filmed in every country without permission not even from N.A.T.O. This very program makes money from the bullshit that people can make up... do you think they are interested in the truth or the bullshit they can make money from. just think if you were to turn up tomorrow and say "No". "Everything is ok"...

Jordan Maxwell exposes the Vatican, the Roman Catholic Church and religion in general. Maxwell ties together astrotheology, symbolism and the true meaning of common words we use everyday to demonstrate how every culture has been a victim of this corrupt cabal. For many Christians, this video will resonate as heresy, but for a few, it will be their awakening.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jordan Maxwell - The Queen of England Exposed

As Jordan Maxwell says, Jerusalem is of paramount importance, certainly to the purest cross-breed reptilians - one of their highest titles is King of Jerusalem.The odd part about some knowledge is that it can be blocked. There is a simplistic technology that could be called "heat capure" that would make the present day "super heat chucking technology" obsolete. It's strange we have a far better technology to use energy, but we are led to believe it doesn't exist. It might make all the present energy tech go away. That's how knowledge can be blocked: It's by using "common knowledge" as a proof of something.Human history isn't especially long and "spotty". We got some myth that might be translateable to reality.  There is a strong chance the surface moves around every 10K years or there abouts. Some stuff goes up and some stuff goes down. There's some PreCambrian quarzite outside of town. It has a formation of a precambrian stream or lake bottom.. It's kind of like a billion yo photo of a lake bottom. It could have been buried for a billion years.