Thursday, November 10, 2011

Jordan Maxwell - The Queen of England Exposed

As Jordan Maxwell says, Jerusalem is of paramount importance, certainly to the purest cross-breed reptilians - one of their highest titles is King of Jerusalem.The odd part about some knowledge is that it can be blocked. There is a simplistic technology that could be called "heat capure" that would make the present day "super heat chucking technology" obsolete. It's strange we have a far better technology to use energy, but we are led to believe it doesn't exist. It might make all the present energy tech go away. That's how knowledge can be blocked: It's by using "common knowledge" as a proof of something.Human history isn't especially long and "spotty". We got some myth that might be translateable to reality.  There is a strong chance the surface moves around every 10K years or there abouts. Some stuff goes up and some stuff goes down. There's some PreCambrian quarzite outside of town. It has a formation of a precambrian stream or lake bottom.. It's kind of like a billion yo photo of a lake bottom. It could have been buried for a billion years.