Saturday, January 1, 2011

Jordan Maxwell: Rising Sun (and how Venus Project is NWO)

Jordan Maxwell describes the Rising Sun and how it means enlightenment. Nazis, Imperial Japanese, and Communists used the rising sun to show that their higher orders are illuminated.

This ties into how the Venus Project is for only the elite, long after they have had population reduction of the peasant masses. The elites' technology (machines) would have replaced the peasants, and that is "Why the future doesn't need us" according to Sun Microsystem's CEO Bill Joy.

I wish the Venus Project fans would get this, it's so in their face it's insane.

Please wake up! I want all humans to have freedom but this VP is a total dead end!

" We must emphasize that this form of global governance has nothing whatever in common with the present aims of an elite to form a world government with themselves and large corporations at the helm, and the vast majority of the population subservient to them. Our vision of globalization empowers each person on the planet to be the best they can be, and to not live in subjugation to a corporate governing body"


By Jacque Fresco
frescos idea is to eliminate money altogether, the nwo is pushing for more global currency and making it electronic . how do you relate those
But Venus people have at least one thing right - the concept of the world based on 'having' instead of 'being' should be replaced as it's the real root of all eveil we're dealing with. Whole concept of 'resource based economy' is great imho, but lacks scientific data to support it. I have a feeling that we're nearing some sort of change, and at the same time are not ready for it, as we're wasting too much time for wacky theories, whereas the truth lies right before our very eyes.